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A few months ago we got a great review on our Little Green Pouches from Matt and Corpy at which we're delighted to share with you now.

Inspired by other great parent bloggers and getting so much cool advice from fellow parent tweeters – Matt and Corpy are two good friends, who became Dads and got together to trade recipes and experiences about parenthood. The Good Stuff is the place where they come to talk about the places they go, the food they make and times they have. Their blogs make for insightful reading and their recipes are refreshing and inspiring, not to mention yummy. Here's what they had to say about us:

"A couple of months ago some lovely people called Susie and Sue contacted us here at Good Stuff towers to ask if we’d take a look at a product they sell called Little Green Pouch – tailor made for parents who want to be able to give their kids homemade healthy food.   The Little Green Pouches themselves are freezer proof, dishwasher proof squeezable food carrying pockets which can be easily filled with homemade dinners resealed and used-on-the-go.

My initial excitement to get going when those pouches first turned up got slightly dampened by a baby reluctant to make those first few steps on the food journey.  When number one son started on his food journey 3 years ago he went from 0 to 60 in 10 seconds flat, but number 2 has been slower progress.  So for a few weeks the idea of feeding out and about has been sidelined in favour of the odd spoonful at home here and there – it wasn’t until this week those little green pouches could get their first outing in our hands.

So initial thoughts.  Well don’t judge a book by its cover they say – but sod that for advice.   The design of the pouches are really cool.  I get a bit cross with off-the-shelf baby food companies talking up their green organic credentials whilst knocking out containers which so often head straight to landfill – so its refreshing that the design of Little Green Pouch shouts “Re-useable, Home Cooked and Proud of It”.   The font is fun, kind of crayon like and I love the “This Little Green Pouch Belongs” label – very handy if you are sending toddlers to nursery with some wholesome homemade lunch.  Handily there is a measuring ruler on one side ranging from 2oz to 7oz – really good for weaning so you can see how much you have measured out.  On the back at the top is an invitation to search out recipe ideas at – I should say here that other children’s recipe websites are available ;) 

We don’t have a microwave, so its not really an issue for us, but the instructions on the pouch say “do not microwave, warm in a bowl of hot water” – which is exactly what I did in a coffee shop on our Little Green Pouches’ first outing.  To be precise I defrosted and then warmed some Apple Puree – having previously made the sauce up a week or so earlier, pouring it into the pouch, sealing it and sticking it in the freezer to keep.

Brilliant.  Really brilliant.  The normal routine we go through incorporates freezer-hogging tupperware, bowls for serving, blah blah.  Instead the pouch takes up not much more space in the freezer than the food itself.  Once defrosted and warmed, the child-proof cap and little spout makes it really easy to just serve up a spoon at a time – no bowls or tupperware.   If, like us, its a spoon at a time job – then you can easily just pop the lid back on for later. 

Starting to sound like a total luddite here – but not only do we have no microwave, but we also have no dishwasher (unless you count me with a j-cloth and my ipod) so I can’t really say whether The Little Green Pouches live up to their ‘dishwasher safe’ tag.  Can’t see why they wouldn’t – they wash up very well and were perfectly happy in the steraliser.

Susie tells me that her and Sue have a bunch of kids between them who they have raised on homemade fayre and you can see from The Little Green Pouch that its benefited from the experience and knowledge of parents who just want to make sure their kids have good stuff to eat without it feeling inconvenient.  But convenience is one thing – what we have here is far cooler.   It works brilliantly, but it also looks great.  It functions really well, but better still it cuts down on the disposable throw away packaging – and that can only be a good thing."

Couldn't have put it better ourselves. Thanks again guys!

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Diary of a reusable food pouch part 2

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Well, I've had no rest since coming back from my holidays in Spain. I think I need another one. Honestly, why the kids can't just drink out of a cup is beyond me but oh no, they want to use me time and again! I suppose it helps Sue and Susie out though as they can make smoothies with loads of fruit and veg hidden inside and the kids just love it! An easy way to make sure they're eating healthily and actually enjoying it at the same time. Mind you, once that blender is out, the eldest of all the kids, Elana, seems to think she can just make any old smoothie and loves experimenting. I've had the likes of soy sauce, grenadine, treacle (yes, treacle....) and crushed crisps inside me now! Good job I wash so well. Her favourite (and mine) is still bananas, a little ice cream, fresh strawberries and milk. 

Here she is, just finishing one off, with her siblings hanging around waiting for a last suck. They've got no chance.

Well, that's my news for this week, hectic as usual and I don't suppose it's going to get any easier as I go away to Portugal next week with Sue's kids. At least I'll be back in the sun as it's been fairly grey here apart from maybe an hour a day. Just me won't be enough so I hope Sue packs a few of my pals.....

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Diary of a reusable food pouch

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Home at last! Phew. It's not easy being a reusable food pouch. I mean there's no holiday for me. While The Smarts set off on their annual holiday to the sunny island of Menorca, I got squashed into the hand luggage. I survived the flight. Just. And that was no mean feat. Jamie and Sophie had so many toys to entertain them, I'm surprised they remembered their Little Green Pouches in all the excitement. But I had an important job to do : ensure Smart Junior and Juniorette were fully fed with a healthy snack to keep them going until we arrived at the resort. My frozen yoghurt and banana puree thawed out and the tots enjoyed their airborne snack.

My mission for the duration of the holiday was to provide the little Smarts with much needed hydration throughout their hot days by the pool or beach. And apart from an altercation with a slushy machine and a near miss one evening when Smart Senior thought a 'Harvey Wallbanger to go' might be a good idea, I achieved my mission. I did however spend my 2 weeks wrestling with factor 50, some oversized sunglasses and sand for a look at the much talked about sea view from Santo Tomas beach.

The Smarts are all home safely, after a fantastic time, to the grey skies of Scotland. And so am I. Bring on the apple and raspberry purees and my spot on the sofa for Jake and the Neverland Pirates...aaahh there's no place like home.

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Hello from the UK

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Hello and welcome to the UK site of Little Green Pouch. If you've read the About Us section, you'll know that Susie and I have just started distributing these brilliant reusable food pouches in the UK and Europe. We've had a busy 3 weeks since the website went live, or I should say Susie had a busy 10 days, then went swanning off to sunny Spain. It has been a great opportunity though for her to test the pouches out at the beach and the pool and they definitely get the thumbs up from her 2 kids, Jamie aged 5 and Sophie aged 1. No mess, no fuss, no sand in the mouth. Hurray! My 3 have been camping meantime and it was fab to freeze water and food in the pouches the night before so they were just perfect the next day when it came to lunchtime.

Well, while I've been flying solo, trying to buy a house and dealing with all things school and nursery related ( Elana starts senior, Rosalyn starts primary and Harry starts nursery - all in August) I managed to fit in a stall at the West Fife Baby and Toddler show yesterday. It was great to meet so many parents and mums to be and chat with some other small businesses. Lots going on, so watch this space!



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The Latest from Little Green Pouch

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It has been awhile since we have given you an update, and we've got lots of fun stuff to share. We want to make sure we express our appreciation for you, our amazing customers! We could not do what we do without your continued support Without further ado, the latest from Little Green Pouch:

Wall Street Journal 

We were thrilled to be featured in the Wall Street Journal a couple weeks ago. The focus of the article was around the use of food pouches for adults and why adults would use a food pouch, if ever. 


We Asked, You Answered

Before the article in the Wall Street Journal, we already knew that you wanted larger pouches. We asked our Facebook fans:

"What size do you think the Big Green Pouch should be? How many ounces should it hold?"

We got so much great feedback, and are currently working on designs and prototypes of a 12 oz. Big Green Pouch. Stay tuned for more details! And don't worry, as Melissa mentioned in the WSJ article, we know it is important the pouches still fit in a cup holder.

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